Treasure Coast Tang Soo Do

Located in Vero Beach, FL

Established 1989


What is Tang Soo Do

The very first evidence of this ancient form of Korean martial arts appeared during the Three Kingdom era (57 BC-935 AD) as Hwa Rang Do. Since then, 2,000 years have passed. The indigenous martial arts quietly developed through generations of the Korean people. During some eras it flourished and other times it diminished, according to the political, economic or cultural environment. The art was known by various names throughout the eras as Hwa Rang Do, Moo Sul, Kyuck Too Ki, Soo Bahk Ki, Soo Byuck Ki, Taek Kyun etc. respectively.


Treasure Coast Tang Soo Do is part of Region 21 of World Tang Soo Do Association. Martial Arts is so much more than punching and kicking. Becoming a black belt takes commitment. To earn your black belt, you have to master the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the art.

What we learn in the dojang develops leaders, better neighbors, and great friends. Our black belts are held to high standards which inspires everyone training to learn more, practice, and keep growing and improving continually. Check out our Facebook page  Treasure Coast Tang Soo Do.



December 20, 1936 – July 9, 2012 Grandmaster Jae C. Shin is the founder of the World Tang Soo Do Association, and is one of the leading figures of martial arts in the world today.



On April 1, 2017 at the 28th Annual Masters’ Clinic, the Board of Directors voted to approve Grandmaster William Strong as the President of the World Tang Soo Do Association.



The real value of Tang Soo Do is not the belt you earn, but the changes that occur within you, in your quest for them. These changes include the betterment of your mind, body and spirit and the development of individual character and respect for others. The true goal of Tang Soo Do training is to use the lessons you learn in the studio to enrich every part of your life.



Treasure Coast Tang Soo Do offers two types of classes at our Dojang.  Adult classes run from 5:30 unil 6:45 on Tuesday/Thursday and 9:00 until 10:15 Saturdays  .  It's never too late to start your training.    

Youth classes run from 6:00 unil 6:30 on Tuesday/Thursday and 10:30 until 11:30 Saturday.    Our youth classes are designed for student 7 years and older.  


Treasure Coast Tang Soo Do hours of operation.

Group Day of Week  Start End
Youth Tuesday Evening 6:00 6:30
Adult Tuesday Evening 5:30 6:45
Youth Thursday Evening 6:00 6:30
Adult Thursday Evening     5:30 6:45
Youth Saturday Morning 10:30 11:15
Adult Saturday Morning 9:00 10:30


Why Do We Train


We protect our lives and possessions from an injustice or danger


We promote our physical health and enjoy strong bodies and sound minds through rigorous training


We strive to be of better character through endurance and hard work.


Up-coming and past events


Coming Soon... Gup Test! 

Treasure Coast Tang Soo Do student, there will be a gup test on Saturday, January 14th   . Note the special start time is 8:45am.   


Region 21 Events 

World Tang Soo Do world championship (June) registration is now open.  Click the button for moe information.   


Dojang Looking Good!

Treasure Coast Tang Soo Do has a new location and new look. Paint is on the wall, mirrors are up.  Yazmin tries out the new floor and gives it a thumbs up!


1st Class at our new location.

Treasure Coast Tang Soo Do has recently moved locations.  The school is now located at 690 2nd Lane, Vero Beach FL.  Still needs some finishing touches. 


Region 21 Events 

Treasure Coast Tang Soo Do is part of Region 21 of the World Tang Soo Do Association.  Visit Region 21's website to view up-coming events

Region 21

Congratulations to our newest belt holders

Yazmin, Bill, Leslie and Maria proudly accept thier new belts.    


Check out the fun, hardwork, satisfaction of being a part 

of the Tang Soo Do family.  

Contact Us

Treasure Coast Tang Soo Do

690 2nd Lane, Vero Beach FL 32962

John Torres

Tel: (321)-427-2555
Email: [email protected]



Membership Form

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Gup Testing Form

Application for promotion.  This form is required when a student is scheduled to take a color belt test. 


Black Belt Application

Application to become a Dan belt holder. Use this form when a student is scheduled to take a Black Belt test. 


Dan Testing Form

Application for promotion. This form is required when a student is scheduled to take a Black Belt test.